Podcast: Baby brains, new Mars quests and preventing pandemics

In this edition: We discover treatments for baby brain injuries, see what’s new on Mars for 2020 and find out how to prevent pandemics.

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News: Doctor burnout and Sun discoveries - We discuss a study showing a surprising number of doctors suffer from emotional exhaustion , and discover new insights into the Sun from a spacecraft that has flown closer to our star than ever before.

Reducing baby brain injuries - We explore projects testing treatments for brain injuries in babies in the developing world, including a new study looking at 70,000 new mothers in India.

What’s new on Mars? - We find out about two new missions to Mars launching in 2020, as well as catch up on what missions already on the Red Planet are up to.

Preventing pandemics - Does the rising problem of antimicrobial resistance mean we’re heading for an unstoppable pandemic? We find out some ways we can all prevent the spread of disease. Photos and graphics subject to third party copyright used with permission or Imperial College London.

Hayley Dunning
Communications and Public Affairs

Gareth Mitchell
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Caroline Brogan
Communications and Public Affairs

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  • Professor Sanjeev Gupta
    Department of Earth Science & Engineering
  • Ms Stuti Pant
    Department of Brain Sciences
  • Dr Jonathan Otter
    Department of Infectious Disease


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