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Politics - Health - 05.11.2014
Norman Baker’s resignation and the future of the coalition
Emma Sanderson-Nash, Lecturer in Politics at Queen Mary University of London, argues that Norman Baker's resignation tells us more about the man that it does about the health of the coalition. Norman Baker's resignation from the Home Office can tell us a lot about Norman Baker, the maverick's maverick, the hippy at the Iron Maiden concert.

Politics - 18.08.2014
Politics: It’s time to talk about quotas for men
Dr Rainbow Murray of QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations argues that it is time to "reframe gender quotas as quotas for men." When we talk about "gender quotas", what we really mean is quotas for women. We see the under-representation of women as the problem that needs fixing. So we try to explain why there aren't more women in politics, then look at measures to boost women's representation.