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Agronomy / Food Science - Religions - 02.08.2013
Link between food in early life and famine survival in adulthood
Link between food in early life and famine survival in adulthood
Study makes link between poor access to nutrition in infancy and increased risk of mortality in later life Conversely, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth may give life-long advantages Scientists at the University of Sheffield have found a link between poor nutrition during early life and reduced resilience to later-life famine.

Religions - 06.06.2013
'Belief in science' increases in stressful situations
A faith in the explanatory and revealing power of science increases in the face of stress or anxiety, a study by Oxford University psychologists suggests. The researchers argue that a 'belief in science' may help non-religious people deal with adversity by offering comfort and reassurance, as has been reported previously for religious belief.

Religions - Linguistics / Literature - 25.04.2013
Letters of
Letters of “Hark the Herald” composer published
25 Apr 2013 The private letters of the composer of some of the world's most popular hymns have been published, providing a rare glimpse into the birth of Methodism. The collection of Charles Wesley's letters are edited by Dr Gareth Lloyd of The University of Manchester's John Rylands Library and Professor Kenneth Newport of Liverpool Hope University.