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Sport - Health - 06.09.2010
Drinks lift for sports teams
Consuming energy drinks during team sports could help young people perform better, a study suggests. Sports scientists found that 12-14 year olds can play for longer in team games when they drink an isotonic sports drink before and during games. Researchers at the University measured the performance of 15 adolescents during exercise designed to simulate the physical demands of team games such as football, rugby and hockey.

Sport - Life Sciences - 15.06.2010
Sussex Nobel winner’s football molecule research listed in top 10 discoveries
Nobel Prize-winning research carried out by Professor Sir Harry Kroto at the University of Sussex has been named by fellow academics as one of the ten most important discoveries made by their peers at UK universities in the past 60 years. A poll of UK academics placed Professor Kroto's 1985 discovery of the microscopic "footballs" known as buckyballs tenth in a list topped by the discovery of DNA, the first computer, stem cell research, the contraceptive pill and the Internet.