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Palaeontology - Earth Sciences - Nov 4
Palaeontology - Earth Sciences
A big problem with dinosaurs is that there seem to be too many meat-eaters. From studies of modern animals, there is a feeding pyramid, with plants at the bottom, then plant-eaters, and then meat-eaters at the top. A new study by scientists at the University of Bristol's School of Earth Sciences , published in the journal Palaeontology, shows that dinosaurian meat-eaters, the theropod dinosaurs, specialised a great deal, and so broadened their food base.
Earth Sciences - Environment - Oct 30
Earth Sciences - Environment

A team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have used climate models and geological records to better understand changes in the East Asian monsoon over long geologic time scales.

Astronomy - Earth Sciences - Oct 24
Astronomy - Earth Sciences

Giant ridges on the surface of landslides on Mars could have formed without ice, challenging their use by some as unequivocal evidence of past ice on the red planet, finds a new UCL-led study using state-of-the-art satellite data.

Earth Sciences - Event - Oct 15

From helping schools improve earthquake mitigation plans, to enabling farmers to detect fish stocks and seasonal droughts, researchers are collaborating with regional partners in a bid to deliver strategic responses to prescient challenges.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Oct 25

Climate change is disrupting the rhythms of spring growing and river flooding across Europe, which could pose new problems for biodiversity and food security in floodplains, scientists say.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Oct 18

This week we meet second-year BA Geography student Hamnah, who has been heavily involved with sustainability initiatives at UCL. Hamnah shares with us her experiences working on sustainability campaigns at UCL and top scenic spots to visit in London.

Astronomy - Earth Sciences - Oct 14
Astronomy - Earth Sciences

As the EnVision mission to Venus is preparing for its planned launch in 2032, we speak to the Imperial researcher who is a part of the Science Team.

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