Earth sciences

Environment - Earth Sciences - Oct 18
This week we meet second-year BA Geography student Hamnah, who has been heavily involved with sustainability initiatives at UCL. Hamnah shares with us her experiences working on sustainability campaigns at UCL and top scenic spots to visit in London.
Earth Sciences - Event - Oct 15

From helping schools improve earthquake mitigation plans, to enabling farmers to detect fish stocks and seasonal droughts, researchers are collaborating with regional partners in a bid to deliver strategic responses to prescient challenges.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 24
Earth Sciences - Environment

Imperial geologists have improved the mapping of underwater rocks, which could lead to better understanding of earthquakes and tsunami hazards.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 16

A new study, led by scientists from the University of Bristol and published , discovers a clear climatic signature on rivers globally that challenges existing theories. For decades geoscientists have been trying to detect the influence of climate on the formation of rivers, but up to now there has been no systematic evidence.

Astronomy - Earth Sciences - Oct 14
Astronomy - Earth Sciences

As the EnVision mission to Venus is preparing for its planned launch in 2032, we speak to the Imperial researcher who is a part of the Science Team.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 17

A new study, including scientists from Cardiff University and published today , discovers a clear climatic signature on rivers globally that challenges existing theories. If you walk from a river's source to its mouth, you walk a path that descends in elevation.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 10
Environment - Earth Sciences

New research by an international team of scientists, led by the University of Cologne and including the University of Bristol, has revealed a lake considered to be the oldest in Europe was first established 1.36 million years ago and has existed continuously ever since.

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