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Life Sciences - Computer Science - Jan 16
A deep learning system can predict the structure of a protein using its genetic sequence more accurately than any previous modelling system, according to a study by researchers at DeepMind and UCL. Nearly every function our body performs relies on proteins. Predicting the intricate 3D structure of a protein is important because its structure largely determines its function and, once the structure is known, scientists can develop drugs that target this unique shape.
Physics - Computer Science - Dec 23, 2019
Physics - Computer Science

The development of technologies which can process information based on the laws of quantum physics are predicted to have profound impacts on modern society.

Computer Science - Business - Dec 13, 2019

Waymo is acquiring Latent Logic, an Oxford, UK-based technology company, spun out of Oxford University's Department of Computer Science. Latent Logic uses a form of machine learning, called imitation learning, to develop realistic simulations of the behavior of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to help autonomous vehicles coexist and interact safely with humans in the real world, at scale.

Computer Science - Dec 6, 2019

Members of the National Assembly for Wales's Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee have visited Cardiff University to gain an insight into the high-profile science and innovation happening at its state-of-the-art supercomputing facilities.

Computer Science - Dec 19, 2019

Crime and memory experts at the University of Birmingham are working with partners in Africa who are developing a mobile phone app that could help to reduce sexual violence in poorer countries and bring its perpetrators to justice.

Computer Science - Dec 11, 2019

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified a weakness in Intel's processors: by undervolting the CPU, Intel's secure enclave technology becomes vulnerable to attack. Modern processors are being pushed to perform faster than ever before - and with this comes increases in heat and power consumption.

Computer Science - Health - Nov 29, 2019

Professor Geraint Rees, Pro-Vice-Provost of Artificial Intelligence at UCL, writes that AI can and must be used for good, to complement and augment human endeavour rather than replace it. Recent advances in deepfake video technology have led to a rapid increase of such videos in the public domain in the past year.

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