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Health - Computer Science - Apr 7
The world's most powerful supercomputers are being used by UCL researchers for urgent investigations into the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the associated COVID-19 disease with the aim of accelerating the development of treatments, including antiviral drugs and vaccines.
Health - Computer Science - Apr 6
Health - Computer Science

A new app, which will be used to collect data to develop machine learning algorithms that could automatically detect whether a person is suffering from COVID-19 based on the sound of their voice, their breathing and coughing, has been launched by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Computer Science - Health - Apr 2

Imperial experts have posed eight privacy questions governments should consider when developing coronavirus contact tracing apps. As part of their efforts to slow the outbreak of coronavirus, governments, research institutions and industry are developing contact tracing apps to record interactions between people.

Health - Computer Science - Mar 17

A team of medical research and bioethics experts at Oxford University are supporting several European governments to explore the feasibility of a coronavirus mobile app for instant contact tracing.

Computer Science - Apr 6
Computer Science

Researchers have designed a machine learning method that can predict battery health with 10x higher accuracy than current industry standard, which could aid in the development of safer and more reliable batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

Health - Computer Science - Apr 2

A University of Birmingham student is co-ordinating a huge global initiative in which hackers around the world are working around the clock to combat issues created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Physics - Computer Science - Mar 13

A new imaging method combined with machine learning uncovers previously hidden information in micrographs of biological cells to reveal quantitative information of gene expression levels.

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Computer Science/Telecom - 07.04
PhD Candidateship in Natural Language Processing University of Cambridge
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Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Royal Holloway University of London
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.04
Senior Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technology University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.04
Research Associate (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
Computer Science/Telecom - 31.03
Research Associate (fixed-term post) University of Bath
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IT Technician University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 25.03
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Computer Vision University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 25.03
Senior IT Technician University of Cambridge
Computer Science/Telecom - 24.03
Research Fellow University of Southampton
Computer Science/Telecom - 24.03
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Industrial Machine Learning University of Oxford
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