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Computer Science - Environment - Aug 14
Researchers from GW4 universities Bristol and Cardiff assessed the performance of the GW4 Alliance Isambard supercomputer using an open-source Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) code. The research team consisted of Unai Lopez Novoa, Data Innovation Research Institute; Pablo Ouro Barba, Cardiff School of Engineering; Dr James Price, University of Bristol and Professor Simon McIntosh Smith, the principal investigator for the Isambard project and a professor of high-performance computing at the University of Bristol.
Computer Science - Aug 6

Artificial intelligence is being used to tackle anti-Polish hate crime in the run up to Brexit. Researchers at HateLab, based at Cardiff University, are working with Samurai Labs, a Polish Artificial Intelligence laboratory, to monitor aggressive social media content and pinpoint any connections to offline events.

Physics - Computer Science - Jul 2
Physics - Computer Science

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark have found a promising new way to build the next generation of quantum simulators combining light and silicon micro-chips.

Innovation - Computer Science - May 14
Innovation - Computer Science

The University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab led the team behind the 5G-enabled Tourism Experience Catalyst project that will be showcased at this year's Digital Transformation World in Nice, France [Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 May].

Computer Science - Administration - Jul 23
Computer Science - Administration

Current methods for anonymising data leave individuals at risk of being re-identified, according to new UCLouvain and Imperial research.

Computer Science - May 29

Researchers will lead a new international EPSRC Centre to develop pioneering approaches to machine learning. Machine learning is a key component of facial recognition and personal assistants like Siri or Alexa - and in more ambitious services like self-driving cars.

Computer Science - May 1

New technologies are giving businesses in Wales a much needed boost while questions over Brexit continue, researchers say. Academics from Cardiff University's Welsh Economy Research Unit surveyed 479 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of the 2018 Digital Maturity Survey.

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