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Health - Psychology - Aug 14
Prospective students Current students UCL in the media Services for media Tell us your story - An innovative digital programme, developed by UCL researchers with Barts Health NHS Trust and UCL Partners, to treat the long lasting effects of COVID-19 infection, is now being used by patients.
Health - Aug 14

Skip to main content Current students - People outside of early hit cities may be particularly vulnerable in a second wave due to the large susceptible populations Research finds that the death rate in London is 35% lower than elsewhere in UK The da

Pharmacology - Health - Aug 13

An international research collaboration, which includes the University of Bristol, has received funding to discover and accelerate the development of new antibiotics.

Health - Pharmacology - Aug 12
Health - Pharmacology

Sleep paralysis - a condition thought to explain a number of mysterious experiences including alleged cases of alien abduction and demonic night-time visits - could be treated using a technique of meditation-relaxation, suggests a pilot study published today.

Health - Social Sciences - Aug 14

Prospective students Current students UCL in the media Services for media Tell us your story - A quarter of people in the UK report experiencing some kind of discrimination since lockdown began, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

Health - Transport - Aug 12

Drivers and passengers can inhale significantly lower levels of air pollution by setting their vehicle's ventilation systems more effectively and taking a ‘cleaner' route to their destination, a new study reveals.

Pharmacology - Health - Aug 11

People in good health and over the age of 55 years old are being asked to take part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the University of Glasgow are supporting the University of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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