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Health - Life Sciences - Aug 16
Health - Life Sciences
New research led by academics at the University of Bristol Veterinary and Medical Schools used the 'One Health' approach to study three bacterial species in the noses of young cattle and found the carriage of the bacteria was surprisingly different. The findings which combined ideas and methods from both animal and human health research could help prevent and control respiratory diseases.
Health - Pharmacology - Aug 16

Countries that relax regulations for regenerative medicines could be causing a downward spiral in international standards, according to new research published today. Researchers warn that if just one country decides to relax regulations in the field, a heightened sense of competition can spur others to do the same.

Health - Aug 13

Finding new ways to treat breathing problems during sleep should be a priority for the NHS, says an Imperial expert.

Life Sciences - Health - Aug 13

Scientists have shed light on the complicated relationship between the makeup of our DNA and how much alcohol we drink. In another study, they have explored the links between our genes and our intake of salt.

Health - Pharmacology - Aug 15
Health - Pharmacology

Sniffer dogs have been trained to detect ultra-low concentrations of bacteria which cause lung infection in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients.

Health - Life Sciences - Aug 13

Poor sleep can badly affect health but we still do not understand the purpose of sleep, said an Imperial researcher at a recent talk.

Health - Pharmacology - Aug 13

Using MRI scans to target biopsies is more effective at detecting prostate cancers that are likely to need treatment than standard ultrasound guided biopsies alone, according to research published on 7 August in JAMA Network Open.

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