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Health - Dec 6
A major survey of medical record keeping in the NHS has revealed critical deficiencies that could risk patients' safety. Researchers at the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) at Imperial College London, found NHS Trusts were using at least 21 different electronic medical record systems which are unable to effectively share information.
Environment - Dec 5

Tropical species are six times more sensitive to forests being broken up for logging or farming than temperate species, says new research.

Health - Dec 5

This new study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology today [5 December], was led by the University of Bristol and co-funded by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Pharmacology - Dec 5

The introduction of a performance-related financial incentive scheme for GPs led to a dramatic almost five-fold rise in the number of patients whose heart rhythm condition was said to have been ‘cured', say University of Birmingham researchers.

Pharmacology - Dec 4

A large field study of typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) in Nepal has shown a single dose to be safe and effective in reducing typhoid in children aged 9 months to <16 years in an endemic setting.

Selected Jobs
Life Sciences - 05.12
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Microbiology or Microbial Biofilms University of Southampton
Health - 04.12
Associate Professor in Nursing University of Southampton
Life Sciences - 04.12
Associate Professorship of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Associate Professor of Computer Science (Computational Medicine) University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 04.12
Hope Professor of Zoology (Entomology) University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 04.12
Associate Professor of Zoology (Conservation Biology) University of Oxford
Earth Sciences - 04.12
Associate Professor (or Professorship) of Geobiology University of Oxford
Career - 29.11
Lecturer / Associate Professor University of Southampton
Health - 19.11
Assistant Professor University of Nottingham
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