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    Computer Science/Telecom - 25.02
    Associate Professorship of Computer Science (Programming Languages) University of Oxford
    Life Sciences - 25.02
    Assistant Professor of Biotechnology University of Nottingham
    Computer Science/Telecom - 25.02
    Associate Professor University of Nottingham
    Computer Science/Telecom - 24.02
    Chair of Embodied Intelligence University of Nottingham
    Business/Economics - 21.02
    Associate Professorship in Political Economy University of Oxford
    Physics - 21.02
    Alexander Mosley Professorship of Biophysics University of Oxford
    Art and Design - 21.02
    Associate Professorship in History of Art University of Oxford
    History/Archeology - 20.02
    Associate Professorship in History University of Oxford
    Psychology - 20.02
    Assistant Professor in Psychology University of Nottingham
    Psychology - 20.02
    Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology University of Nottingham
    Health - 19.02
    Precision Imaging Beacon Senior Radiology Faculty Position University of Nottingham
    Business/Economics - 18.02
    Chair in Accounting University of Nottingham
    Mathematics - 17.02
    Lecturer or Associate Professor in Statistics University of Leeds
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