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Social Sciences - Philosophy - Nov 11
Free internet access must be considered as a human right, as people unable to get online - particularly in developing countries - lack meaningful ways to influence the global players shaping their everyday lives, according to a new study.
Health - Social Sciences - Nov 11

Engaging in artistic activities such as singing and dancing from a young age can reduce social inequalities and encourage healthy behaviours, according to a new report from UCL and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Social Sciences - Nov 4
Social Sciences

A Social Anthropologist from the University of Bristol has been working with the Matses, an indigenous people who live in a very remote area of the Amazon rainforest, to create a series of animated films that aim to raise awareness of their culture and the challenges they face in the 21st century.

Social Sciences - Nov 1

This week we chat to third year Experimental Psychology PhD student Kyoo, who worked in banking for 15 years before deciding to return to studying after becoming a mother. Kyoo shares with us her fascinating research study and experience mentoring students at UCL.

Social Sciences - Nov 9
Social Sciences

The study, published today (Monday 11 November) in Drug and Alcohol Dependence at the start of Alcohol Awareness Week (11 - 17 November) strengthens the evidence for a relationship between anxiety

Social Sciences - Life Sciences - Nov 1

Gannets, the largest seabirds in the North Atlantic, can travel hundreds of miles from their homes just to catch food for their chicks. However, with around a million square miles of ocean to choose from, it has always been a mystery how they decide where is best to search for fish.

Law - Social Sciences - Oct 31

The question of repatriation is on the table again for negotiation internationally and the discussion has moved on from where it was in the last decades. What has changed is that Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and France have dedicated funds and focus to actual cases and envisioned guidelines.

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Social Sciences - 11.11
Associate Professorship of Social Policy University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 09.10
Chair in Latin American Studies University of Nottingham

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