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Social Sciences - Mar 30
An expert in the communication challenges caused by dementia is using her research to inform training practices for carers and families. Professor Alison Wray of Cardiff University has spent a decade studying the social and emotional impact of dementia and its onward effect on communication.
Health - Social Sciences - Mar 30

COVID-19 has led to an elevated awareness of threat in the environment and has caused major disruptions to families' lives, through social distancing, school closures, and now effective lock-down.

Health - Social Sciences - Mar 25
Health - Social Sciences

UK researchers say an emergency programme to train thousands of community health workers could help vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Sciences - Health - Mar 24

The “impulsive and risk-taking” lifestyles of repeat offenders means they are likely to be at higher risk of catching - and spreading - coronavirus, a leading criminologist suggests. Working with criminologists at Cambridge University, Professor Jonathan Shepherd, a surgeon and Cardiff University criminologist, found clear links between anti-social lifestyles and poor health.

Health - Social Sciences - Mar 26

Dr Adam Cooper (UCL STEaPP) argues that the current response to Covid-19 coronavirus would be improved if the expertise of engineers was better utilised. The coronavirus outbreak has shone a bright light on the use of experts and scientific advice.

Transport - Social Sciences - Mar 25

A worldwide study of 327,403 metro and bus passengers found that women are ten per cent more likely to feel unsafe than men on urban public transport. The study, conducted by Imperial College London on data from 2009 to 2018, looked at a third of a million passenger responses to Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSSs) from 28 cities across four continents.

Social Sciences - Career - Mar 18

PhD researcher Dave Cook (UCL Anthropology) provides insights from his new research to help newly remote workers manage the common hurdles during the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have had little choice but to resort to remote working in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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