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History - Materials Science - Dec 19, 2019
History - Materials Science
Scientists from the University of Bristol and the British Museum, in collaboration with Oxford Archaeology East and Canterbury Archaeological Trust, have, for the first time, identified the use of birch bark tar in medieval England - the use of which was previously thought to be limited to prehistory.
Life Sciences - History - Dec 2, 2019

DNA from 75-year old eradicated European malaria parasites uncovers the historical spread of one of the two most common forms of the disease, Plasmodium vivax, from Europe to the Americas during the colonial period, finds a new study co-led by UCL.

Life Sciences - History - Nov 5, 2019
Life Sciences - History

The genome of an ancient Egyptian wheat has been sequenced for the first time by a UCL-led team, revealing historical patterns of crop movement and domestication.

History - Oct 8, 2019

The oldest surviving pages of the 13th century's most popular story which feature one of medieval European literature's best-known sex scenes have been identified by an academic from the University of Bristol.

History - Art and Design - Nov 13, 2019
History - Art and Design

Leading international specialists in the field of art history have released the initial findings of a four-year collaborative research project centring around one of Glasgow's most famous paintings, the Lady in a Fur Wrap.

History - Oct 28, 2019

The way people lived their lives hundreds of years ago will be brought to life at a unique event being held at the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday 30 October 2019. Academics and specialists from cultural and creative industries will come together to showcase the tools and experiences they have created at the final public demonstration of the EMOTIVE project.

History - Sep 26, 2019

The existing narrative around youth culture needs to change drastically, according to a leading historian at the University of Sussex. In a new episode of the Impacted podcast, Professor of Collaborative History Lucy Robinson notes that most people think students aren't political anymore - but they are.

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