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Mechanical Engineering - Jul 25
Mechanical Engineering
Advanced simulations have solved a problem in turbulent fluid flow that could lead to more efficient turbines and engines. When a fluid, such as water or air, flows fast enough, it will experience turbulence - seemingly random changes in velocity and pressure within the fluid. From my first days studying fluid mechanics I had some fundamental questions that I wanted to know the answers to.
Health - Mechanical Engineering - Jun 18
Health - Mechanical Engineering

Medical trojan horses, bespoke helmets, and wind farm efficiency are some of the projects to receive funding from the Imperial-TUM Collaboration Fund.

Materials Science - Mechanical Engineering - Nov 2, 2018

A new technique by which to 3D print metals, involving a widely used stainless steel, has been shown to achieve exceptional levels of both strength and ductility, when compared to counterparts from more conventional processes.

Sport - Mechanical Engineering - Jun 28, 2018

Wimbledon begins on 2 July. Over the course of the Championships some 2,500 tennis balls will be used. To ensure balls have the required elasticity for play, they are routinely changed every six games.

Mechanical Engineering - Dec 19, 2018

Scientists have developed a 3D-printed robotic hand which can play simple musical phrases on the piano by just moving its wrist.

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - Jul 19, 2018

The University of Nottingham is working with UK-based aerospace technology firm Derwent Aviation to assess the performance of their new Dual Drive Booster (DDB). The DDB is an epicyclic gearbox, that aims to halve nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from aircraft and deliver significant cost benefits to airlines.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - Jun 22, 2018

Scientists have solved the riddle behind one of the most recognisable, and annoying, household sounds: the dripping tap. And crucially, they have also identified a simple solution to stop it, which most of us already have in our kitchens. We were all surprised that no one had actually answered the question of what causes the sound.

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