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Computer Science - Nov 29
Professor Geraint Rees, Pro-Vice-Provost of Artificial Intelligence at UCL, writes that AI can and must be used for good, to complement and augment human endeavour rather than replace it. Recent advances in deepfake video technology have led to a rapid increase of such videos in the public domain in the past year.
Computer Science - Oct 22

In a new twist on human-robot research, computer scientists at the University of Bristol have developed a handheld robot that first predicts then frustrates users by rebelling against their plans, thereby demonstrating an understanding of human intention.

Social Sciences - Oct 15

An increase in hate speech on social media leads to more crimes against minorities in the physical world, a study shows. Academics from Cardiff University's HateLab project collected Twitter and police recorded crime data from London over an eight-month period to analyse whether a significant association existed.

Computer Science - Oct 20
Computer Science

A new interface developed by researchers in Bristol and Paris takes touch technology to the next level by providing an artificial skin-like membrane for augmenting interactive devices such as phones, wearables or computers.

Health - Sep 24

Artificial intelligence (AI) appears to detect diseases from medical imaging with similar levels of accuracy as health-care professionals, according to research led by the University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

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Computer Science/Telecom - 05.12
Game Programmer Queen Mary University of London
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Research Fellow University of Southampton
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Senior Unix Systems Administrator University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Associate Professor of Computer Science (Computational Medicine) University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Web Application and Database Developer University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Associate Professor of Computer Science (Human Centred Computing) University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Research Associate - Unlocking the Potential of AI for English Law University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.12
Senior Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technology University of Oxford
Health - 04.12
Research Data Manager University of Oxford

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