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Astronomy - Oct 18
The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter, which carries instruments proposed, designed and built at UCL, is completing final testing in Germany before travelling to Cape Canaveral, USA, for launch in February 2020. Solar Orbiter will perform unprecedented close-up observations of the Sun, to help answer questions about why the Sun's corona is so hot and why the solar wind flows away from the Sun so rapidly, typically at 400-500 kilometres per second.
Astronomy - Oct 14

As the EnVision mission to Venus is preparing for its planned launch in 2032, we speak to the Imperial researcher who is a part of the Science Team.

Astronomy - Oct 4

The Cosmic Web is believed to contain huge threads of gas that connect multiple galaxies across the universe. Now our astronomers have observed these threads extending over three million light years.

Astronomy - Oct 9

A team of scientists, including a researcher from the University of Birmingham, has discovered that the fading of infrared light following Type Ia supernovae explosions can be interrupted, with brightness staying the same for up to a year.

Astronomy - Oct 3

New research conducted at the University of Sussex has simulated dark matter in a new way for the first time, disrupting conventional thinking about the make-up of the universe.

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Astronomy/Space Science - 22.10
Beecroft Fellow (3 posts) University of Oxford
Astronomy/Space Science - 22.10
Hintze Fellowship in the Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys University of Oxford
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Merlin Support Scientists (2 posts) University of Manchester
Astronomy/Space Science - 21.10
Research Associates in Theoretical Astrophysics (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Research Assistant / Associate in debris disks and extrasolar planets (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Research Associate / Senior Research Associate (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Radio Telescope Technician University of Cambridge
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