Natural Sciences - Astronomy/Space Science

Astronomy - Apr 6
Data gathered by the Cassini spacecraft during the final months of its mission show why Saturn's upper atmosphere is much hotter than expected. Scientists have long wondered why Saturn's upper atmosphere is hotter than would be expected by heating from the Sun alone - a conundrum dubbed Saturn's ‘energy crisis'.
Astronomy - Mar 19

One of the biggest ideas in physics is the possibility that all known forces, particles, and interactions can be connected in one framework.

Astronomy - Mar 10

Astronomers working on ‘first light' results from a newly commissioned telescope in Chile made a chance discovery that led to the identification of a rare eclipsing binary brown dwarf system.

Astronomy - Mar 11

An international team of geologists, led by scientists at the University of Cologne and including an academic from Cardiff University, say that a large proportion of the elements carbon and nitrogen, as well as the compound water, were not delivered to Earth until very late in the planet's formation.

Astronomy - Mar 4

Imperial and Glasgow scientists are turning their eyes to the skies to track meteorites before they land on UK soil.

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