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Economics - Oct 29
COVID-19 is having a massive impact on household finances, with personal debts increasing. But some people are seeing their savings rise as their incomes remain unaffected and their spending has been curtailed - says a new financial inclusion monitor from the University of Birmingham and the University of Lincoln.
Environment - Oct 26

The first large-scale study of the risks that countries face from dependence on water, energy and land resources has found that globalisation may be decreasing, rather than increasing, the security of global supply chains.

Environment - Oct 16

Past research suggests growing international demand for cooling has the potential to drive one of the most substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions in recent history. A new study sets out a framework for delivering sustainable cooling. It also examines cooling needs in the context of sustainable development, and finds that this is a global blind spot.

Economics - Oct 19

Foreign investment into the UK is now predicted to fall by 37% post-Brexit, a 50% increase over previous estimates, as a result of leaving the EU single market and customs union, finds a new study by UCL and LSE economists.

Social Sciences - Oct 14

Researchers at Cardiff University, Queen Mary University of London, and University of Exeter have revealed the significant impact of austerity on rural areas.

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Agronomy/Food Science - 08.10
Staff Research Scientist - Trade and Market Analysis Agroscope, Ettenhausen
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UAS lecturer in commodity trading Activity HES-SO Geneva
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Teaching Associate (fixed term) University of Nottingham
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KTP Associate - Smart Agri-Forecasting University of Leeds
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Senior Software Developer University of Cambridge
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Electrician University of York
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Finance Manager Departmental Services Team University of Warwick
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Commercialisation Licensing Manager University of Leeds
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Course Coordinator University of Sussex
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