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Electroengineering - Jun 22
A new technique that synchronises the clocks of computers in under a billionth of a second can eliminate one of the hurdles for the deployment of all-optical networks, potentially leading to more efficient data centres, according to a new study led by UCL and Microsoft. Data centres, comprising tens or hundreds of thousands connected servers, are the underlying technology empowering everything we do online, from storing films and photos to serving up webpages and online services.
Electroengineering - Mar 4

The work, which is reported , was carried out in collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Electroengineering - Nov 5, 2019

Researchers at the University of Sussex have developed a glue which can unstick when placed in a magnetic field, meaning products otherwise destined for landfill, could now be dismantled and recycled at the end of their life.

Astronomy - Feb 24

InSight's Imperial-designed instrument has revealed that Mars trembles more often, but also more mildly, than expected.

Electroengineering - Aug 21, 2019

Technology developed at the University of Birmingham could protect the UK and other countries from national electricity blackouts.

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Physics - 06.07
Research Associate in Quantum Reading Technologies University of York
Electroengineering - 03.07
Lecturer (Teaching) in Robotics and Electronics University of Bath
Electroengineering - 29.06
R - International Lecturer in Digital Electronics University of Lancaster
Administration - 18.06
Advanced Materials Research Manager University of Leeds
Electroengineering - 15.06
Lecturer in AI Hardware/ Associate Professor in AI Hardware University of Southampton
Electroengineering - 15.06
Research Associate / Fellow (Fixed term) University of Nottingham
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