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Environment - Mar 25, 2019
New insight into termites' architectural strategies could help us design more energy efficient self-sustaining buildings for humans. Many species of termite, whose societies are built on hierarchies of kings, queens, workers, and soldiers, live in towering nests that are ventilated by a complex system of tunnels.
Architecture - Jun 28, 2017

Office and residential buildings use more energy per square metre, the taller they are, according to new research from UCL.

Environment - Apr 1, 2016

New opportunities to fight climate change in these properties are coming from an unlikely source: the commercial property lease. A new study finds that in 2009, only 15% of all leases signed in Sydney's central business district contained green clauses; by 2013, this had risen to over 60%.

Life Sciences - Mar 21, 2017
Life Sciences

Using a satnav to get to your destination 'switches off' parts of the brain that would otherwise be used to simulate different routes, reveals new UCL research.

Architecture - Jan 19, 2016

The University of Nottingham has developed a novel and easy-to-use test for measuring the airtightness of buildings in order to help eliminate draughts, improve energy efficiency and reduce heating bills.

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Computer Science - 18.11
Senior Research Software Engineer for CHERI and Arm Morello (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
Architecture - 16.11
Departmental Lecturer in Architectural History University of Oxford
Architecture - 02.11
Postdoctoral researcher "soncities project" University of Oxford
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