Life Sciences - Jun 5
Life Sciences
A new study from researchers at Oxford University's Departments of Zoology and Biochemistry shows that warring bacteria will engage in suicidal attacks in vast numbers to take down competitors. Bacteria are aggressive organisms that have evolved a host of draconian ways to kill and inhibit their competitors.
Health - Jun 4

Most people with rheumatic diseases such as arthritis can recover from Covid-19, as the immunosuppressant medications they take do not appear to increase hospitalisation risk, finds an international study involving UCL.

Health - Jun 4

Levels of anxiety and depression in the UK have both fallen in the past week but remain above the usual reported averages, according to UCL's Covid-19 social study of over 90,000 adults during the coronavirus epidemic.

Pharmacology - Jun 4

Heightened caution is needed when considering de-escalation trials for patients with Human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive oropharyngeal cancer (OPC), to ensure minimal harm to patients, new guidelines from a group of international head and neck cancer experts have suggested.

Health - Jun 3

Cholesterol levels are declining sharply in Western nations, but rising in lowand middle-income nations - particularly in Asia. This is the finding of the largest ever study of global cholesterol levels.

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