Welsh language hub opens its doors

Vice-Chancellor  Wendy Larner and Academi Gymraeg Manager Catrin Jones
Vice-Chancellor Wendy Larner and Academi Gymraeg Manager Catrin Jones

A dedicated space aimed at nurturing Welsh language and culture has opened for Cardiff University staff and students.

Y Lle is available to anyone who would like the opportunity to work, study or socialise through the medium of Welsh. Based at 53 Park Place, it will be home to the University’s Academi Gymraeg and the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Cardiff University branch. Welsh lessons taught by Learn Welsh Cardiff will also take place here.

As well as hot desk and meeting facilities, there will be a social space where colleagues and students can meet and immerse themselves in yr iaith Gymraeg - the Welsh language.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Larner said: "Y Lle is a demonstration of the University’s commitment to the Welsh language and gives any member of the institution - whatever their fluency - the chance to use and improve their skills in a dedicated setting. I hope it will also serve as an inspiring environment, where people feel comfortable using Welsh, as well as making and sustaining important friendships and working relationships with others across the University."

Last year, artist Eric Lesdema received funding from the Arts Council of Wales to explore what Welsh means to people around the University. His resulting artwork featuring Welsh landscapes will now decorate the interior of Y Lle.

Academi Gymraeg Manager Catrin Jones said: "Y Lle is a welcoming and creative space and a key focus of the Academi Gymraeg’s work, which has been considering how we can better serve every part of our Welsh language community.

"Welsh is a living language and part of the fabric of our institution, so it’s important that we provide spaces in addition to formal teaching areas where people can use it in their work and hear the language being spoken. I hope the space will provide stimulation and inspiration for everyone in the University, as we continue our discussions around how we develop the future of the Welsh language on our campus."

Dr Ioan Matthews, Chief Executive of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol said: "We’re very glad that the Cardiff University Branch of the Coleg Cymraeg will have such a strong presence in Y Lle. The development is a sign of the University’s commitment to Welsh medium education. We look forward to see this developing over the next few years. It’s imperative that both the University’s Welsh speaking staff and students have an accessible and appealing space to learn, discuss and socialise through the language."

We aim to provide our students with the opportunity to study and live their life through the medium of Welsh.