The Office for Open Research Accelerator Fund 2023/24: winning entries

We are pleased to announce the winning entries of the Office for Open Research Accelerator Fund 2023/24.


The Open Research Accelerator Fund is supporting the development of open research practice by

Neil Mitchell (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

  • The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)

Lukas Hughes-Noehrer (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

  • Investigating Open-Source Software and Code at The University of Manchester

Nuno Pinto (Faculty of Humanities)

  • DSS MS: Decision Support Systems for local community engagement in Moss Side

David Buil Gil (Faculty of Humanities)

  • CrimRxiv - The global open access hub for criminology

Cristina Temenos (Faculty of Humanities)

  • Data for the People: Exploring Zotero’s Capabilities as an Open Data Interface

Siobhan Caughey (Faculty of Humanities)

  • Psychophysiological Database of Emotion Elicitation

Patrick Parkinson (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

  • Understanding Open Research Practices in the Natural Sciences

Akinloluwa Babalola (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

  • Development of an Implementation Flowchart for Open Research Awareness and Understanding to Engineering Postgraduate Research Students

Francisco Espinoza (Faculty of Humanities)

  • Best Practices for open research in Political Science: sharing experiences

Paul Stott (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)

  • Designing and conducting open and reproducible experiments in linguistics

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