Podcast: NASA science alum, vaccines for TB, and the generational wealth gap

In this edition: We meet an Imperial alum who is now Head of Science at NASA, discuss the generational wealth gap and find out how to tackle TB.

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News: Is the generational wealth gap real? - We dig into a new report that finds evidence that there is more solidarity between generations than the "Millennials versus Boomers" narrative would suggest.

NASA’s Head of Science - We sit down with Imperial physics alum, and now NASA Head of Science, Dr Nicky Fox, to find out which missions she’s excited about and how we can encourage more girls to take up physics.

Tackling TB - We hear from Professor Nim Pathy about how TB patients in India can be empowered to seek proper care, how new technologies can help expand screening programmes, and what we need to do to make a new vaccine.

This is an extract from JameelCast - a new podcast that explores where global disease and health overlap with other fields, including epidemiology, ecology, economics, and engineering.