Human Rights MA student claims 500 New to UCL jackpot



One lucky student has won 500 in the 2021-22 New to UCL prize draw. New UCL students at all levels of study can win 500 when 2022-23 survey opens.

The New to UCL survey opens in the first term of each academic year, for new UCL students at every level of study. Results and comments from students in New to UCL are instrumental in helping our academic departments and support services create an even better welcome experience for new arrivals in the future.

The You Shaped UCL pages feature examples of how feedback from New to UCL and other surveys has inspired improvements in the UCL student experience.

Students who participate in the annual survey are automatically entered into a prize draw, with a grand prize of 500.

The most recent jackpot was won by Katia Marcussen, who is studying for a Human Rights MA in the Department of Political Science.

Speaking after she was awarded the prize money, Katia admitted that when she was first contacted about the 500 prize, she "thought it might be a scam". However, after consulting with her mum she decided to claim the jackpot.

Katia now plans to put the money towards a trip to Costa Rica, where she plans to meet a friend "who I haven’t been able to see for a long time".

Reflecting on the experience of starting her postgraduate programme at UCL, Katia says she had "even more of a good time than I would have thought". She was particularly pleased with the welcome events that her department organised for students and was able to make lots of good friends quite quickly.

Giving feedback at UCL

UCL is committed to treating students as full partners in shaping their education and provides an array of opportunities to share feedback and ideas.

Katia has particularly enjoyed the chance to give feedback on each of her modules, as "lecturers work really hard to create great modules and it’s nice to praise them if it’s going well, or point out if certain things could be improved". She also feels that giving feedback on modules can help staff understand things from a student perspective.

UCL students can also give feedback through their academic reps , as well as through initiatives such as UCL ChangeMakers and the Student Quality Reviewers project. Many UCL departments also use the Unitu student voice platform, where staff can respond to student feedback and queries.

The 2022-23 New to UCL survey will open in Term One for new students at all levels of study. Eligible students will be contact via email with an invitation to submit their feedback.

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