Hongye Zhang elected as an ESAS Board Member

Dr Hongye Zhang , a PEMD Group member in the Department of EEE, working on superconducting/cryogenic electric machines and drives, was elected as a Board Member of the European Society for Applied Superconductivity (ESAS) on September 7th during the conference EUCAS 2023 in Bologna, Italy.

Five finalists were selected from all nominees based on their biographies, and more than 1000 EUCAS 2023 attendees, from all over the world, voted for board members from the five finalists. Hongye had been nominated by three ESAS board members.

Hongye, born in 1993, is the youngest of the new ESAS board members. He is currently working on the £54M collaborative H2GEAR programme to push hydrogen technology and accelerate aerospace decarbonisation to zero emissions, along with Prof Alexander C. Smith, Dr Matteo F. Iacchetti, Dr Judith Apsley and others.

As an ESAS board member, Hongye will bolster the prominence of Superconducting Electric Drives for Net Zero Transport by advocating for its significance in social, scientific, educational, industrial, and political circles. Moreover, he is dedicated to cultivating robust communication within the domain of Applied Superconductivity through the facilitation of a wide array of activities, such as conferences, workshops, and schools, utilising the ESAS platform as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

ESAS was founded on September 4, 1998, in Frankfurt, Germany. Its goals are:
  • to strengthen the position of Applied Superconductivity, especially in Europe;
  • to represent Applied Superconductivity in social, scientific, educational, industrial and political forums;
  • to promote communication in the area of Applied Superconductivity.

Hongye said, "I would like to acknowledge the support from the Department of EEE Fellowship Bursary and the School Research Pump Priming Scheme for my conference trips."

Dr Hongye Zhang is the first ESAS board member from the University of Manchester. This news does not only serve as high recognition of Dr Hongye ZHANG’s research excellence and international visibility, but will also greatly enhance the international reputation of Manchester in Applied Superconductivity.

ESAS Board members are elected for a six year term, and serve alongside representatives of the Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (ASEF) Board, a representative of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Council on Superconductivity (IEEE-CSC), up to two members from Asia, two members from CONsortium of European Companies Determined To Use Superconductivity (CONECTUS) and the chairs of the previous and forthcoming European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS) conferences.