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Using talking therapies to effectively treat depression in adults over the age of 65 may be clinically linked with slightly reduced rates of future dementia diagnosis, finds a new analysis of health data led by UCL researchers.

Psychology - Feb 1

Women are able to recall details of sexual assault and rape with accuracy, even if they have drunk - or expected to drink - moderate amounts of alcohol. A study conducted at the University of Birmingham demonstrated that women who had drunk alcohol up to the legal limit for driving were able to recall details of an assault in a hypothetical scenario, including details of activities to which they had, and had not, consented.

Core symptoms of anxiety and depression were more common among younger generations compared to older age groups during the COVID-19 outbreak - with the gap between young and old widening further during the pandemic, according to a new study by UCL and King's College London.

Up to one in five adults with a history of poor mental health reported they were 'much worse off' financially a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to one in ten of those who had never had psychological problems in adulthood, according to a new study by UCL researchers.

Psychology - Jan 26

Undertaking between six to seven minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity (MVPA) every day could improve cognitive performance, finds a new study led by UCL researchers.

Scientists have worked out why common anti-depressants cause around a half of users to feel emotionally -blunted-.

University psychologists aiming to improve help for people withdrawing from antidepressants want volunteers to come forward to participate in the new study.

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